Venice & Motors was created thanks to 26 years of working in different areas such as  tourism, marketing, public relations and customer care in various multinational companies (Lamborghini, Pagani Automobili Man Nutzfahrzeuge, Airport Guglielmo Marconi of Bologna).

 I've lived for 18 years in Saudi Arabia  (for family working reasons) and studied at the International American / English Academy in Dahran and in Jeddah, this brought me to interact with different nationalities and browser my horizons, which led to having an open min d today. I've spent many years travelling to different parts of the world and now I live in the province of Venice near one of the most  spectacular locations  in the world "Venezia". This was, for me, the moment to place all my past experiences together and create a service that permits me to share my enthusiasm and passion for the beauties that my country reserves.

To whomever visits my website I would like to say thank you for sharing your precious  time with me

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